Photo Group August 2020 – a line from a favourite song

This page presents a few alternatives for viewing images using a Gallery option.  A ‘tooltip’ can be shown by positioning your mouse over the image, but full details are only visible on clicking the image, which then allows browse forward or backward.  After ‘First attempt’, full details may not have been copied – apologies for that, as attention has mainly been on presentation options.

First attempt.  Simply putting all images in one single gallery.  2 issues have arisen: 1) the gallery splits over two pages, but if you click and cycle through, you will only cycle through the same page – it does not automatically link to the second or subsequent page; 2) John found that his sequence of three pics was split over two pages – accentuating the problem in the first issue.  NOTE – the sort order has been rearranged, so that John’s photos remain on the same page and in sequence.  The split causes my photos to go across two pages, but that is no matter!

Alternative 1 – this presents image by image. Click to operate the sequence and see the details, but only the lead image is immediately visible

I'm a cider drinker. Ann Lang

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I'm a cider drinker. Ann Lang

Alternative 2 – this simply divides the set of photos into two, so that the issues of overflow on to a second page are avoided:

Part 1.  Images from John Batt (3); Ann Lang (3); Derek Webb (3) – in that order

Part 2.  Images from Alex Slater (3); Bob Cramp (4); Barbara Robinson (4); Cherrie Temple (4); Martin Fisk (3) – in that order

There is an alternative 3, which is the way that the ‘Three things’ gallery is handled, that is: each photographer has a small gallery of their own images.  This will allow more text to be associated with the set.