Photo Group September 2020 – Three objects

… I would take if I had to vacate my house suddenly

Derek Webb.  I have to admit that I did find this rather challenging.  However, please see my attempts below:

Bob Cramp.  Testicles, spectacles, wallet and watch

Barbara Robinson.  My three objects in one photo: 1) my handbag, which houses everything bar the kitchen sink; 2)  my recorder, so that I can play music; 3) my constitutional newspaper, to keep up to date.

Alex Slater.  1) First choice in immediate incident – mobile phone, keys, glasses.  2) Longer term emergency – handbag, coat, file of legal documents.  3) Can I include a handbag? = 1 item but contains many!

Haydn Sperring.  Here are my three things to take, really needs to be times ten or more.   1) Mask so that I can go into shops. 2) A Bible.  3) Road Atlas so that I don’t get lost.