D R A F T – subject to Committee approval

Intellectual Property Rights Policy and Take Down Policy

Minehead and District U3A is committed to complying with all relevant IPR legislation.  As a completely voluntary membership organisation, individual volunteers have undertaken to keep the Group’s website current and of use to its members and interested community.  We will always use our best endeavours to comply with relevant legislation and best practice.  If you feel that we have diverged from this policy, please contact us to seek an agreed remedy.

Please contact us in the event that you are the owner of copyright or related rights in any of the material on this website, or if you believe that the use of material infringes your intellectual property rights or other rights.

Upon receipt of your written objection, we will remove the disputed material while an investigation is carried out.  Your objection will be acknowledged within 10 (ten) days of receipt.

Please include the following information in your written objection

  • Your contact details
  • Full details of the material you believe has made the infringement and where you found it (please quote the specific URL)
  • Proof or a statement that you are the rights holder