Books and reading for pleasure (Virtual Group)

The important bit!

The Virtual Books and reading for pleasure Group does not generally meet, but we may meet online, using Zoom.  Please remember to check the Calendar for details of meetings

Our group is led by Pam Young, and she may not be contacted by phone, but by email at  

About this group

This group is open to all members of our U3A.  You don’t need any prior knowledge, just an interest in books and reading.  The virtual group will run as a monthly Zoom meeting publicised in the newsletter, and have additional material here on our new website and in our Facebook group.  There will be frequent posts on Facebook with presentations from outside sources as well as by U3A members, discussions on specific themes, and posts by members about their reading interests for others to discuss.  

Books Forum

This forum supports  discussion on books and authors.  Read the comments of other members – whether they belong to a book group or not – and feel free to add your own comment, or a completely new topic for a different title that has impressed you. 

Book index

This page presents two indexes – for fiction and nonfiction – of titles commented on in any of the book groups or in the books forum.  Each title is linked to the page which holds the comments. 

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