The important bit!

The Discussion Group meets monthly on the third Monday of each month at 10:30 am.  We normally meet at  Townsend House, Minehead.  Please remember to check the Calendar in case of any late changes to schedule.

Our group is led by John Moss, and he may be contacted at 01643 702497, or by email at discussion@minehead-district-u3a.org.uk


The next meeting will be on Monday 18th October at 10:30 am in the harbour room at Townsend House.

Charles Birch will talk to us regarding “universal basic income” and explain how it would work . In addition the topic for discussion wiill be ” how does a modern society organize a benefit system ?

The Convenor will pay for the venue prior to the meeting and will be looking for those attending to donate a cash sum (2 or 3 pounds) per individual depending on the number attending to offset this cost.

 Contact Convenor if you wish to join in. 

About the Group

We meet at Townsend House so there is a charge for the meetings, the amount depends on the number of members attending.  Refreshments are not usually provided unless there is a guest speaker.  Topics for discussion are decided by the members.  An ideal group to join as you do not need a skill just an opinion.

The group has an informal format, the first half hour discusses any local news, then there may be further comments or updates relating to the previous month’s discussion and then onto the topic of the day.

Previous topics have included

Does recycling work?
Fake news
Technology-our master or our servant!
What is the future of the NHS?
Freedom of speech, are universities entitled to restrict certain controversial speakers?
Is the BBC politically biased?
Has the UK moved to the right politically?
Is Britain better for immigration and should it be controlled?
Has the British character changed?
Does advertising work?
Is the decline of the high street inevitable?
Should the free TV license remain for the over 75’s?
Should the NH’s provide cosmetic surgery?
Is music important to our lives?
Should our children have their education curriculum broadened?
Should the royal family be abolished?


We had a good meeting in January when new members joined us, following the Open Morning.  The main topic was the suitability of subjects in schools.

The March meeting was cancelled and meetings are currently suspended during the pandemic.


We decided to postpone our main topic and talked about ‘Music, its role in our modern world’ in November instead.

We had a interesting meeting in October when we discussed local issues and the role of the monarchy in the 21st century.

We had a good meeting in September, with the usual local issues raised before we moved on to the main topic ‘Is apathy present in modern society?’


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