Classical Music 1

The important bit!

Classical Music 1 meets monthly on the third Wednesday at 2 pm.  We meet at various venues – please contact the convenor or check the Calendar in case of any late changes to schedule.

Our group is led by Sandra Hanley, and she may be contacted at 01643 707148, or by email at

Latest news – 2022

Our December 2021 meeting was cancelled, and we are now waiting before planning more.

October 2021

 In September Iain gave an enjoyable presentation based around Walton’s ‘Belshazzar’s Feast’. Our November meeting is on the 17th.  We have started meeting again, sharing and listening to music together – it’s great!  Unfortunately, we do not have room for any new members, but see Classical Music 3!


About the Group

The group meets monthly in members’ homes at various locations.  Each month a member gives a presentation based on their choice of music.  For example, previous subjects have included ’20th-century compositions,’ ‘Composers whose names start with the same letter,’ ‘Perfect Pianists,’ and ‘Dance’

If you are interested in joining the group, please get in touch with Sandra Hanley, the convenor.  


In June we lost Alan Page, one of our longstanding members. He will be much missed at our meetings for his knowledge and love of classical music. Our condolences go to Alan’s wife Jean and to his family.    Sandra Hanley.

With our group closed I am missing the two hours when we sit down together to listen to music.  I know I can play my CDs and listen on my own, but it is not the same because I start to feel I should be doing something ‘useful’ at the same time.  Also, at nearly every group meeting something is played which is new to me, or maybe it is a new version or artist playing a familiar piece.  I also miss the discussions we have about music.  So please all take care of yourselves and let us hope we can meet up again soon.


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