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Do you have a news item?

If you have news to share with the membership,  you can now send the information to our website team.  Use this whether you want to add an article for our Newsletter, an item to be posted on a page in this Website, just a passing bit of information, or a change to a group meeting to be recorded… Read More »

Meetings – week beginning April 12

I do apologise!  I forgot to update this page!  I hope that that has not inconvenienced you.  Croquet are intending to restart next week! We are coming out of lockdown!! But we are still subject to restrictions.  Here are the group meetings recorded in the calendar for the coming week.  [Check the Calendar for full detail]. Please make… Read More »

April Coffee Morning – Let’s go Bats!

They are two-legged mammals which have and suckle one or two babies at a time and live in large groups That sounds a lot like us, but bats are different not only from humans but from all other mammals. They fly brilliantly in a world of darkness navigating by means of echoed sound. We are still finding out… Read More »


Do you have experience and expertise (or just a keen interest!) in Broadcasting AudioVisual Technology Press and Publicity If so, then we would like to hear from you! IT Champions are investigating ‘hybrid Zoom meetings’ – a combination of physical meetings and Zoom to allow distant members to participate. Some of you may not wish to come to… Read More »

Annual General Meeting, May 20th 2021

Our AGM will be held by Zoom at 10.30 am on Thursday 20th May, before our usual Coffee Morning talk. We will email the necessary documents, including the Agenda and the Accounts,  to all members for whom we have an email address in the week beginning 16th May.  We will also deliver hard copies to those without an… Read More »

In search of the lost piece?

Lesley Barclay writes: Are you a jigsaw fiend?  I’ve been doing quite a lot of these throughout the last year and would be very happy to pass some on.  They are 1000 piece puzzles, with all pieces present and correct, and the picture shows a selection.  If you’re interested, please contact me: Lesley Barclay

Spring has sprung!

With the weather improving and a slight lifting in restrictions you might like to meet up with friends and do some local bird watching.  Check out the Birdwatching Group pages – there is masses of information about all the local birdwatching sites of interest, such as Ham Wall and Steart.  Even our own small patch of Minehead Bay. … Read More »

From the Chair March 2021

What is the future of Minehead & District u3a?  I pose this question as last month I wrote about the Aladdin’s cave of riches found on our new website and on the wider internet. Accessing this untold wealth brings its own problems: the digital divide between people without the skills, means or inclination, and those who are embracing… Read More »

Website updates

[March 17]  March’s Newsletter now available here! [March 11] From the February 2021 edition the Minehead & District monthly newsletters are available from the website  (as well as being sent out as an email attachment).  We are even planning to make it possible to Listen to the newsletter! (using the ‘Screen reader‘ facility).  Please let us know if… Read More »

Looking down to Foreland Point / by Michael Elwick

Looking down to Foreland Point I am reminded of times past Conger eels the size of a man Caught in the wreck off the coast there.   Lobsters and mackerel fresh from the sea The mackerel caught on the tide line Cooked, fried in butter for breakfast, Their colour still on them   Lobster salad for lunch The… Read More »

Photography Group galleries

Every month, the members of the Photography group undertake a challenge, and the results are displayed in galleries accessed from the Photography group page.  Challenges vary from ‘Sunrise & Sunset’ to ‘Lines from a favourite song’ – this month members have been challenged to select their best images.  The results are well worth a look!