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Do you have a news item?

If you have news to share with the membership,  you can now send the information to our website team.  Use this whether you want to add an article for our Newsletter, an item to be posted on a page in this Website, just a passing bit of information, or a change to a group meeting to be recorded… Read More »

Local arts news – at the Regal this autumn

We are delighted to report that the Regal has taken the plunge and has signed up with Exhibitions On Screen (EOS),  initially scheduling three exciting screened gallery tours, beginning with Raphael Revealed, on Tuesday 12th October, to be followed by The Danish Collector: Delacroix To Gauguin on Tuesday 30th  November 2021, and  Pissaro: Father Of Impressionism, Tuesday 24… Read More »

November Speaker talk – Driving under London

Our Speaker at the November ‘Coffee Morning’ on Thursday November 18th at 10.30 a.m. will be John Polley who will tell us about his career ‘Driving under London’. John Polley has a variety of interests, including local history, transport, and industrial archaeology. When John left school back in the long hot summer of 1976 he wanted to become… Read More »

Data assets – what happens to your digital footprint when you go?

An interesting question was raised at the Computer Confidence meeting yesterday, asking what measures should be put in place with regard to your digital accounts – which may include online photos, music libraries, social network profiles, or email accounts.  Will your heirs be able to access your accounts, or would you want data destroyed unseen?  Does your partner… Read More »

Townsend House news

Important news regarding Townsend House.  Cherry Burroughs writes: Welcome Back to Townsend House It’s good to be taking bookings again after being out of action for so long. This is to keep you up to date with current mid-Covid arrangements, and to remind you of the booking system. To request a morning, afternoon or evening session please contact… Read More »

Discussion Group restarts!

After a long hiatus due to the Covid emergency, the group is meeting again! The next meeting will be at Townsend House on Monday 20th September at 10.30 am in the Harbour room. Numbers limited, contact the Convenor if interested in joining in! 

From the Chair – September 2021

The question we’re still asking in our conversations about planning our u3a activities is how to manage the demands of Covid.  Of course, as members of a social organisation, each of us must decide when and how to attend any u3a gatherings, whether they’re indoors or out. As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, group convenors who are hiring… Read More »

ATTENTION Apple users!! URGENT!!

If you own any Apple products – iPhone, iPad, or Mac laptop or desktop – please run the new update as soon as possible.  This is a vital security update  –  it’s come about through a literal storm of attempted hacks.  Apple is by far the safest system as hackers use it to carry out work.  You need… Read More »

Canasta [and possibly other games] update

Are there any budding Canasta players out there?  Whatever your level, you’ll be welcome to play in this new group.   To take your interest further please contact Kay Bullen – she can be contacted at 01643 706125 or by email at canasta@minehead-district-u3a.org.uk.  Kay writes: I will see what response I get – let me know your thoughts on days… Read More »

Start scrabbling…in September!

News from the Scrabble Group, which has alas been suspended for quite a while now… Barbara Cook, the Convenor, says “I am planning to restart the Scrabble Group in our usual venue, the Methodist Church Lounge, on Wednesday September 15th. (which is our previously normal 3rd Wednesday of the month).   Meetings start at 2pm but the Lounge is… Read More »