Mobile phone navigation

We notice that a fair number of members are accessing the website using mobile phone. Feedback indicates that perhaps the navigation option is not so understandable as it could be (we have been asked to provide a back button, for example) – so this page illustrates the two main navigation options (valid for both Apple and Android devices).



We have instituted a system of ‘breadcrumbs’ which allows you to see the parent pages of the page.  Here the breadcrumbs show ‘Home > Uncategorised > News’  and you can click ‘Home’ to go to the homepage.  You can also switch to intermediate screens where given.  Now, in the image, the intermediate options shows ‘Uncategorised’.  We are able to – and will – define different categories for pages and news reports, but we have held back from this so far. 





Below the Banner at the top of the screen, there is a grey bar, initially saying ‘Menu’ – this leads to the full navigation menu. Click it and the menu options will appear at the foot of the screen.  You can then scroll through the menu up and down, using finger or pointer to move, or using the up and down chevrons.  When you arrive at the desired point – the target is highlighted in brighter and larger font – click ‘Done’ and you will go direct to the selected menu option, opening the page indicated.


Another quick way to return to the Home screen is to click on the Banner