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The Photography Group meets twice monthly on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 10 am.  We meet at various venues, but while COVID restrictions are in place, meetings are suspended.  Please remember to check the Calendar in case of any late changes to schedule.

Our group is led by Bob Cramp, and he may be contacted at 01984 639677, or by email at

Image shows a field at Stogumber, full of red and blue wildflowers

Stogumber Wild Flower Meadow, Photo by Derek Webb

Latest group news

Image shows a very dark and threatening cloud lit below with a glow from the sun

Sunset of our freedom

Since the start of the COVID lockdown, in March, the U3A Photographic group has focussed the usage of their cameras on having a shot at producing varied photographs, based on a new subject, posed each successive month.  The results were then edited and redistributed, via email, to all members of the group.  Projection in this way has enabled the exposure of members’ prints, which otherwise would have stayed in the (virtual) darkroom.  We feel that this method of image distribution lens(!) itself perfectly to the restrictions under which we are all suffering.  The photograph above epitomises the sunset of our freedom under the present limitations.


The subjects of our monthly challenges by email have been:

April – Still life in monochrome
March – Members’ “best ever”
February – Nature’s colours in January
January – A different Christmas


December – Photobombing
November – Door furniture
October – Sunrises/sunsets
September – Three objects I would take if I had to vacate my house suddenly

August – A line from a favourite song

Previous meetings

On 17 March, we showed projected images on the subject of ‘Light and Shadow’.

On 3 March, Bob Cramp gave a talk entitled ‘Confessions of a Dinosaur’  at Townsend House, followed by discussion about his career as a professional photographer. 

On 18 February – projected images on the subject of ‘Night Photography’.

In February, Stewart Lane gave a talk entitled ‘Indelible Images’. 

In January, Bob Cramp started the year with a talk entitled ‘Sound Bites’ followed by projected images of ‘Grey and Wet Days’ ( no lack of subject matter there!). 


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