Photo Group – September 2021: August travels and fun

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Derek Webb

All taken with my Canon 80D

Dave Simpson Scott

Steve Presnell

Peter Leather

Having just returned from a short cruise to N. Scotland and Shetland, here are a few photos from that trip. Like everywhere else not much sunshine!  All taken on my Panasonic Lumix FZ330 set on aperture priority. All enhanced slightly on Luminar AI.

Mark Rest

John Batt

Haydn Sperring

Barbara Robinson

Alex Slater

Taken with my Samsung Mobile and subsequent slight adjustments .

Martin Fisk

Stewart Lane

My visits to local events were pretty unsuccessful: rainy days, getting the timings wrong etc etc!  And about my only outing was a few days in Wiltshire, including time in Bradford-on-Avon, which is where these images were taken.  As ever on my Canon 5DII, these with a standard 50mm lens.  Most with minor cropping plus exposure and sharpening adjustments.