Book Group 3

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Book Group 3 meets monthly on the third Thursday of each month at 3 30 pm.  We normally meet at Sally Stuttard’s home.  Please remember to check the Calendar in case of any late changes to schedule.

Our group is led by  Sally Stuttard, and she may be contacted at 01984 640759, or by email at note that this group has limited membership – but we currently have a vacancy. If you are interested in adding your name to a waiting list, click here

Group information

The group normally meets at the convenor’s home, which rather limits the numbers.  Instead of spending a lot of time deciding the choice of book, there is now a rota, and members make their choice in turn, with the books coming from the library.  It seems to work well.


October.  During the summer we met in a garden, but are allowed to meet inside as we are a small group of only five or six. Now the library can trawl other libraries’ stocks, I was able to order our October choice of book, The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne, from them. We will continue as usual until we are let out! Sally Milton

earlier in 2020.   It’s hard to believe we had all been pottering around for about 10 weeks waiting for something to happen!  Then in May we had our first Zoom meeting.  It was a great success, and so very convenient, with us all more than six feet apart!

We are currently reading Dorothy L Sayers.  Our next book will be Jon McGregor’s If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things

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