Accessing Members’ only pages

To log in to the website, click on the rightmost option on the menu bar under ‘Members’.

From July 2021, new members will have a website account created for them as part of the new membership process.  With an account, you are able to log in to the website, allowing you to view pages which are ‘members only’ – these are pages containing presentations, newsletter archive material, and other pages that contain some personal data which is not for unrestricted access.  There is no financial data recorded.  Remember, for the majority of pages, including all group pages, calendar, and news, you do not have to log in, and all such pages are openly accessible by any internet user.

If you are an existing u3a member, but do not yet have a Login account for the site, email Membership Secretary.

The Login process looks like this:-


You will need to enter your username (id) or email and password [You do need to note or remember these details – if you forget, please contact IT Champions.] You will need to prove that you are not a ‘robot’ and go through the image recognition challenge.  Once your id and password are entered, you should tick ‘Keep me signed in’ and your device should be able to remember your credentials for next time (if you keep your machine ‘on’).




Forgotten password?  If you forget your password, click the option ‘Forgot your password?’ – you do need to know the  login id for your account.  Enter that detail, and ‘Reset my password’, and we will send you an email with details on how to reset the password.

On a successful login, you will then be taken to your profile screen.  Initially – and if you do not add to it – it will show very little information:

But you can add a background image and a personal picture – or an avatar – by clicking on the plus sign and the body image.  The profile may then look more like this:

In both profile screens you can see a bar underneath with three options:

Profile – which is highlighted in blue and will return you to the default profile screen if you use one of the other options
Posts – lists all posts created by this member, and allows you to link to them
Comments – lists all comments applied by this member and allows you to link to the main post for those comments

Hilary has added some profile detail to her screen.  This is an option from the settings menu, which can be seen by clicking the ‘cog’ icon:

This provides options to

Edit profile – so you can write something about yourself.  You can also use this to change your name.
My account – see below. This allows extra privacy options
Logout – logs you out of this website
Cancel – closes this menu

My account

This screen allows you to increase your privacy, should you see it as necessary.  The screen allows you to:

Hide my profile from directory.  If you select this option, your images, posts and comments will be cloaked.

Download your data.  This option allows you to collate and download all your personal data in the system.  It is of course password controlled.

Erase your data.  More definite than just hiding,  this option simply clears away all of your data, and may be used for instance if you decide to leave the U3A.