Information for Group Convenors


Welcome to becoming a Convenor with Minehead and District U3A.

The Trustees are mindful of the need to balance the need to preserve a trusting environment which encourages people to volunteer to support others with the need to be diligent in providing a duty of care.

Charities are required to conform to vigorous standards of governance, with particular regard to financial transparency, health and safety and data protection.  While most of the burden for this falls on the members of the management committee (who are the Trustees), there is a requirement that Convenors also assume some responsibility for assuring compliance to the standards, as a failure to provide due diligence could invalidate the terms of our Trustee indemnity insurance.

I hope that these guidance notes will be seen as a support to Convenors in meeting their responsibilities.  All Convenors are encouraged to read the guidelines; those who lead large groups involving booking venues and leading trips are urged to give special attention to the relevant sections.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from the Trustees if there are issues that need clarification.

On behalf of the Trustees and the members I thank you for the valuable work you do in offering a diverse range of activities for the members.

John Batt

Chairman 2020

Useful information

Convenors’ meetings

Twice a year, we invite all convenors to meet together.  This is your opportunity to meet other convenors and to discuss any issues that may have arisen.  The agenda and previous minutes will be sent in advance of each meeting.

Key points to remember

  •  Make sure that everyone attending your group is a current member of Minehead & District U3A.
  •  Keep a list of your group members, with contact details.
  •  Nominate a deputy to assist you and keep a backup list of group member contact details.
  •  Keep a financial record, if appropriate.
  •  Make your meetings shared and sharing experiences.
  •  Have fun and enjoy!

 And don’t forget, help is always at hand if you need it! Committee members have a wealth of experience!