Full list of groups

What is an Interest Group?

This ‘full list’ of groups is a simple alphabetical list – for details you will need to click on the group name link.  This will then take you to the group page for contact details, meeting locations, and other important information. 

Any member of the Minehead & District U3A can attend any of its group meetings, wherever they are held, but please note that some group meetings are constrained by the meeting location, especially when in a private house, so you should always contact the group convenor ahead of a planned meeting attendance.

Some activities are undertaken in conjunction with other local organisations, and may not be listed here.

Please note that you can select the number of groups to display in one go – 10, 25, 50, or even 100 (when we have that many!). There is also a Search button above the table on the right.  You can use this, e.g. to select all meetings in Washford, or all groups using Zoom, or all groups meeting on a Tuesday. [x clears the search]

 Reference should always be made to the Calendar to see the up to date information on a group’s meetings.

Full list of interest groups

Absolute Beginners UkuleleAbsolute Beginners - UkuleleWatchetWeekly on FridaysYes - add your name*New*
Allons yAllons-yMinehead2nd and 4th WednesdaysYes - add your name*NEW*
AllotmentAllotmentMinehead2nd and 4th Thursday
Art appreciationArt AppreciationTo be determinedTo be determinedHoping to restart in April
Art for fun!Art for funMineheadMonday weekly
BeekeepingBeekeepingCeasedNo longer activeYes - add your nameCeased 2022 (Hibernating)
BirdwatchingBirdwatchingVariesMonthly on the 3rd FridayField trips (varies)
Book Group 1Book Group 1CeasedNo longer activeCeased 2021
Book Group 3Book Group 3MineheadMonthly on the 3rd Tuesday Yes - add your name
Book Group 4 – Reading for pleasureBook Group 4 - Reading for PleasureCeasedNo longer activeCeased 2021
Books and reading for pleasure (Virtual Group)Books and reading for pleasure (Virtual group)CeasedNo longer activeCeased 2022
BookwormsBookwormsVariesMonthly on the 2nd WednesdayYes - add your name
CanastaCanastaOnlineCanasta Palace*NEW*
ChessChessMinehead1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of each month
Classical Music 1Classical Music 1VariesMonthly on the 3rd Wednesday
Classical music 2Classical Music 2Minehead1st Monday of each monthZOOM
Classical music 3Classical Music 3Varies1st Friday of each month*NEW*
Computer ConfidenceComputer ConfidenceMineheadIn abeyanceZOOMLooking for a new convenor
CraftCraftTo be determinedTo be determined*NEW*
Creative WritingCreative writingVariesMonthly on the 1st TuesdayYes - add your name
Crime Fiction Book ClubCrime Fiction Book ClubWatchetMonthly on the first ThursdayYes - add your name*NEW*
CroquetCroquetCarhamptonEvery FridayYes - add your name
DiscussionDiscussionMineheadMonthly on the 3rd Monday
e-bikeeBikeCeasedNo longer activeCeased 2021
Economics IssuesEconomics issuesMineheadMonthly on the 2nd Monday
French conversationFrench ConversationMineheadMonthly on the 4th TuesdayYes - add your name
GenealogyGenealogyTo be determinedTo be determined*New*
General historyGeneral HistoryMineheadMonthly on the 3rd MondayZOOM
GeologyGeologyCeasedNo longer activeCeased
German conversationGerman ConversationMineheadMonthly on the 4th ThursdayYes - add your name
German Study GroupGerman Study GroupMineheadMonthly on the 2nd ThursdayYes - add your name
Italian conversationItalian ConversationMineheadTwice weekly – on Tuesdays and Fridays
Jazz appreciationJazz AppreciationWatchetto be determined
LiteratureLiteratureMineheadMonthly on the 2nd TuesdayYes - add your name
Local HistoryLocal HistoryMineheadMonthly on the 3rd FridayZOOMField trips (Varies)
Lunch clubLunch clubVariesMonthly on the 4th ThursdayYes - add your name
Mah JongMah JongMineheadTwice monthly on the 2nd and 4th Fridays
Mah Jong MixersMah Jong MixersWatchetTwice monthly on the 1st and 3rd Monday
Nature AmblersNature AmblersVariesMonthly on the 4th Wednesday
PaintingPaintingMineheadTwice monthly on the 1st and 3rd MondayYes - add your name
PhotographyPhotographyMineheadTwice monthly on the 1st and 3rd Friday
Play readingPlay ReadingCeasedNo longer activeCeased 2022
Poetry 1Poetry 1CeasedNo longer activeCeased 2022
Poetry 2Poetry 2CeasedNo longer activeCeased 2021
Prog RockProg RockOnline via ZoomMonthly on the 3rd TuesdayZOOM
ScrabbleScrabbleMineheadMonthly on the 3rd Wednesday
Step'n'Snap Step'n'SnapOnline via ZoomMonthly on first WednesdayZOOM
Stogumber Book Group - associate groupStogumber Book GroupStogumberMonthly on the fourth Thursday*New*
Tap DanceTap DanceWatchetMonthly on the 3rd Tuesday
Theatre tripsTheatre tripsIn abeyanceSeeking a new organiser
Ukulele 1Ukulele 1DunsterEvery other week on a Tuesday
Ukulele 2Ukulele 2CarhamptonEvery Wednesday
Vintage BooksVintage BooksMinehead (varies)Monthly on the 3rd Tuesday Yes - add your name*New*