Ukulele 2

The important bit!

The Ukulele 2 Group meets weekly on Wednesdays  at 2 pm.  We are planning to meet at Carhampton Village Hall from June 30.   Please remember to check the Calendar in case of any late changes to schedule.

Our group is led by Jane Lay, and she may be contacted at 07966 755542, or by email at

About the Group

Ukulele group 2 have started meeting again, learning new songs and enjoying going over the old ones. It’s great catching up with everyone and sharing what we’ve been practising during lockdown. If you play already, grab your uke and come and join us. We meet every Wednesday for a couple of hours of playing and singing with great gusto. We hope to improve our intros, outros and instrumentals within songs. We plan to tailor the strumming patterns and fingerstyle to the songs we play. If you already play the ukulele, why not come and join us for fun and relaxed group playing. Please get in touch with Jane or Mike to find out more. You will be made very welcome.’

Our group is primarily a performing group.  Prior to Covid we performed frequently in care homes, as well as fairs, festivals and charity events around the area.  We are already planning outdoor performances for this summer.

Our meetings concentrate on improving our playing and preparing for performances.  We alternate sing and strum sessions with fingerstyle instrumental style sessions.  When meetings restart, we envisage concentrating on intros and instrumental sections in our repertoire.

Interest in the ukulele has really taken off in the last few years, as you can see from the number of posts on YouTube.  A lot of U3A groups across the country have ukulele groups which always make visitors welcome.  So if you are staycationing this year, be sure to take your uke and check out clubs where you are going.


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