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‘Coffee Mornings’  are held on the third Thursday of the month and you can find all the details below.  For much if not all of  2021  our Coffee Mornings are being held virtually using ‘Zoom’.  We usually ‘gather’ at 10.30/45 for a few minutes chat.  The talk starts at 11 and we usually finish around 12 noon.  There is no charge for attendance and we welcome visitors.  Even if you do not have Zoom capability, you may be able to join another member in their home (when government regulations permit, after 17th May).  Please ask! 

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‘Opening up’ after Coronavirus

We are planning for a return to being able to welcome members and visitors again to a physical venue as soon as it is allowable, and observing all practicable guidance for health and safety. It may be possible for meetings to be ‘hybrid’ – that is, for members to have a choice as to whether to attend virtually or physically – we are actively considering such a possibility for later in the year.  Members, however, will need to make their own personal decision on whether to attend any physical gathering, whether of an interest group or a Coffee Morning. 

Dates for your Diary

See also this link for online events sponsored by the Third Age Trust.

Thursday 17th June The Iceman: A Neolithic murder mystery in the Alps by Andrew Thompson.In 1991 mountaineers discovered the body of a man trapped in melting glacier ice in the high Alps. When it became apparent that the well preserved body and artefacts found with him were over 5,000 years old, the find became an international sensation.

Andrew Thompson tells us the story of the Iceman’s discovery and what his mummified body and belongings reveal about day-to-day prehistoric life in the Copper Age. He discusses the latest theories about the man himself − why was he in the high mountains and how did he die there?

An historian and archaeologist based in West Devon, Andrew works as a heritage consultant specialising in interpretation, community engagement and research.

The Zoom link will be sent out on Monday 14 June to members on email. If you’d like to attend but need some help with Zoom, just send an email before 14th June to

Thursday 15th July How medicines were discovered, by Michael Hollingsworth
Thursday 16th September (No Coffee Morning in August)

To be announced