Hybrid Meetings – advisory rules

While Covid regulations have relaxed, many members may still feel reluctant to attend large meetings, and for the foreseeable future, we will run meetings as ‘hybrid’, to allow members to attend in person or via Zoom, as they feel appropriate.

In a hybrid context, there are effectively two meetings operating in parallel – Zoom and in person – and we need to apply some fairly strict rules to ensure that the meetings go well, and that all members get the best out of the event.


All participants will be muted during and after the presentation, and must submit comments or questions via the Chat facilities. We will beef up guidance on this, and will be prepared to tutor if necessary.

In person

For the room participant, questions need to be controlled so that

  1. a) progress is measured and not rushed;
  2. b) the questioner will be given the radio microphone to pose the question to the presenter, ensuring that the Zoom audience (and of course the presenter, if remote) can clearly hear the question ;
  3. c) the questioner may opt to turn to the camera for the question, but it will be understood if not willing to be so identified.

The Zoom coordinator will work with the room chair to relay any comments/questions from Chat.

Follow up links:


There are multiple links for Chat topics on our website at


Specifically, please see the page on ‘In-meeting chats

If you have not used Chat, and would like to be taken through the process, please contact webadmin@minehead-district-u3a.org.uk

Hybrid meetings

For a brief introduction, please see: