Tap Dance

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The Tap Dance Group meets twice monthly on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 2 pm.  We normally meet at Watchet Community Hall.  Please remember to check the Calendar in case of any late changes to schedule.

Our group is led by Jane Lay, and she may be contacted at 07966 755542, or by email at tapdance@minehead-district-u3a.org.uk.

Jane has recorded this video to welcome you to the group (click the symbol at bottom right to show this in full screen):


Latest group news


October : The tap dancing group is enjoying learning new steps and dances. Our latest dances have been to a rousing sea shanty called Wellerman and a slightly trickier dance to Havana. 

We build up the dances each time adding new steps. Every session starts with our dance to Frank Sinatra which we are becoming more confident at performing. We finish with the Charleston adding steps when we’re happy with the ones we’ve learned. 

Tap dancing is a lively but gentle way to exercise. And….it’s a lot of fun.

Tap Dancing group getting back into action!

September. We are learning new steps and new dances, and practising a range of dances we’ve tried before. We go over the steps each session so newcomers can pick it up.  Short routines are videoed and shared on our WhatsApp group as reminders. We have a lot of fun tap dancing to songs old and new. The Charleston is a firm favourite and we dance it every week, with lots of laughs.

The tap dancing group has now met a few times and we are getting to grips with some new steps. We are perfecting our Charleston, trying out routines to Frank Sinatra songs and learning a speedy Good Golly Miss Molly dance. Come and join us for some fun and exercise. It’s not too strenuous and we keep it simple. Discover your inner Fred or Ginger!


Some of us have managed to continue tapping either on a board indoors or outside when the weather allows. I recommended watching YouTube videos of Jenne Vermes who is an American choreographer and tap dance teacher. She has great tap step tutorials that are easy to follow.



Watchet Community Hall where this group meets has not been reopened, so it has been decided to put this group on hold  – and restart again in the New Year.  

We have kept in contact through email and WhatsApp.  I videoed some of our favourite dances such as the Charleston, including reminders of steps and techniques, and then posted them on WhatsApp so that the group could try them at home.  In return, some members recorded themselves and shared their performances via WhatsApp, which was a lovely response.  Nearly all of our group are very keen to keep tapping, so we certainly will try to get the group dancing together again.  

The tappers in our WhatsApp group have been following my videos of a warm up to Cliff Richard’s Living Doll, a step demo to Glenn Miller and a dance to Dixie Fried by Carl Perkins.  Some of the group videoed themselves dancing and posted it for the rest of the group to see.  It was brilliant.  The next WhatsApp dance will be the Charleston.  We’re still managing to have fun in lockdown! 

The tap dance group has a number of regulars and new members joining every month.  We have a lively session learning tap steps and routines – having fun while getting some exercise.  Beginners are always welcome.  Come and try out a shuffle!  Discover your inner Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers!  Jane Lay



Learning to tap dance. Photo by Cherrie Temple






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