Theatre trips

The important bit!

Theatre trips are arranged according to performance, venue, and schedule – it is not a ‘group’ so much as a focus.  Any potential events will be advertised well in advance in the Newsletter, with booking open to all U3A members at a stated date.   Please remember to check the Calendar for further details.

The focus for Theatre trips is by  Liz Murphy, and she may be contacted at 01984 639261, or by email at


I’m sorry to say that we have no theatre trips booked, and none in the pipeline.  In theory, I have reservations held over at Bristol Old Vic for the world premiere of Semmelweis with Mark Rylance, and I will of course consider our current position if that does eventually go ahead.  However, I am planning no more outings, as I feel that they would simply not be viable.  Do take advantage of all the theatre, ballet and opera that is available on TV, YouTube and radio.  Liz Murphy

About the Group

The convenor (Liz) arranges visits to various events which can include ballet, concerts, opera and plays.  Travel to the events is by coach, which is included in the overall cost.


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