Theatre trips

The important bit – in normal times!

Theatre trips are arranged according to performance, venue, and schedule – it is not a ‘group’ so much as a focus.  Any potential events will be advertised well in advance in the Newsletter, with booking open to all U3A members at a stated date.   Please remember to check the Calendar for further details.

The focus for Theatre trips is by  Liz Murphy, and she may be contacted at 01984 639261, or by email at

Autumn 2021

Dear theatre goers –

I am sorry there has been no information from me since the start of the pandemic, I have literally had no idea how to proceed. Although theatres are opening up and coach trips are taking place with other organisations I do not feel confident yet about organising outings for U3A. I struggled to get enough people for the trips I did plan, and the ballet outing I had to cancel in March last year was only taking place because I had recruited significant numbers from Taunton U3A.  I feel this would currently be a logistical effort I am not prepared to make under the current circumstances.

When theatres began to open I contacted Bristol Old Vic and enquired about a possible opening of Semmelweis, the new Mark Rylance play, for which I had a reservation.  I was told that the reservation still stands and I would be notified when the play was going ahead.  I will let you all know as soon as I do!
Liz Murphy


About the Group

The convenor (Liz) arranges visits to various events which can include ballet, concerts, opera and plays.  Travel to the events is by coach, which is included in the overall cost.


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