Classical Music 3

The important bit!

Classical music 3 meets on the first Friday of each month at 2 pm.  We normally meet at various venues – please contact the convenor for full details.  Please remember to check the Calendar in case of any late changes to schedule.

Our group is led by Jan Lowy, and she may be contacted at 01643 709127, or by email at

About the Group

This group arose from dividing Music 2, which had attracted many more members during lockdown, when we met on Zoom.  We are now having physical monthly meetings, and some of our members are so technically efficient that they give us visual as well as musical presentations.   However, not all of us can manage that, and we are happy to listen to a variety of music!

We normally meet once a month, and take it in turns to select some CDs to play, sometimes with a theme, and sometimes our favourites.  We also have tea and biscuits and a chat half way through.  We are a lively group, and have discussions about what we have heard, and also some laughs.  Anyone who would like to join us would be very welcome!  If you’d like information about the group, contact Jan.