The important bit!

The Painting Group  meets twice monthly on the 1st and third Monday of each month at 10 30 am.  We normally meet at Maples, Ellicombe, Minehead, but while COVID restrictions are in place, meetings are outside.  Please remember to check the Calendar in case of any late changes to schedule.

Our group is led by Pat Gurnett, and she may be contacted at 01643 703127, or by email at

About the group

We paint indoors until May and in the summer months go outdoors looking for some interesting venues.  We have mixed levels of creativity and beginners are always welcomed.  We paint using various media, e.g. watercolour, pen or pencil, acrylic, Chinese Painting, and others, and a variety of subjects.  Subjects are chosen on the day by each individual or brought by them to the meetings.  Some will paint what they see and others will paint copies – the choice is theirs.  Finally, over coffee, we discuss any issues we have encountered with our paintings and share tips.


We have managed to paint out of doors most mondays through the Summer with rain occasionally on our water colours. We will start indoor painting at Maples when the weather changes  every other week.

‘Plums’ by Ann Lang


  London – by Peter Hallam

Gallery: 1 – Our first outdoor painting day was on Seaward Way marshes.  We were surrounded by baby ducklings trying to chew our shoe laces, what joy great to see them.  It was a cold wind so had an early coffee. 

2: Flowers by Janet Bond

3: Flowers by Ann Lang

4: Horse by Patrick Scribbans

Where are the months going? –  a good sign maybe. Hopefully we are finding things to do, l think l have drawn and painted every thing l can find in the house, my husband dare not sit still his cry is  not to be painted again please !!!!. Ah well keeps one of us happy.  Keep busy everyone the time goes pretty quickly then. A lovely comical picture from Patrick for this month!


Image shows a watercolour painting of leaves

The occasional Monday shines bright then the downpour begins  – not fair for us painters, so little is done.  Hopefully some of us will carry on the good work at home.  We will try and send a painting each month of everyone’s summer work: we have Annie Boniface’s painting for this month.




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