Your Committee

The Committee is a hard-working and friendly bunch of people who work together to make decisions on matters of policy and operations, to ensure that our U3A continues to thrive. The officers of the Committee are elected annually, and collectively are the Trustees of the charity.

How about joining our committee?  We meet ten times a year, on the second Thursday morning of the month, usually in Minehead, but currently via Zoom. We each have our own area of responsibility, but work closely together to share the load. 

Accounts and Committee Minutes

Any member of Minehead & District U3A may see a copy of Committee Minutes and Accounts. If you would like to do so, please contact the Secretary.

The current Committee has the following members:

Role Current holder Role on the Committee
Chair John Batt
Provides a lead for the committee, to direct the operations and overall strategy of the Group.
Secretary Jan Lowy


From May 2021 the role of Secretary will be taken by Susan Hutchings. 


The Secretary supports the Committee meetings and takes minutes.  Another important part of the role is to liaise with National Office, and complete the annual return for the Charity Commission. 

Treasurer Nic Pettit
The Treasurer makes sure the books balance. An annual report is made to the AGM.
Welfare Pam Young
Welfare and accessibility – overall policy.
Welfare Alison Andrew
Vacant from May 2021
Liaison with individual members.
Group coordinator
Helen Sellings
Liaison with Group Convenors, providing advice and support. Facilitates the development of new groups both in new subjects and additional groups for existing activities.
Convenors’ secretary Vacancy
Assists the Group Co-Ordinator
Newsletter editor Margaret Shaw
The newsletter editors alternate the tasks of setting up, editing and distributing the regular newsletter. 
Newsletter editor Alison Andrew
Vacant from May 2021
The newsletter editors take it in turns to lead the preparation and issue of our monthly newsletter. There is also a role for an assistant newsletter editor.
Membership secretary Hilary Fisk
The Membership Secretary creates and maintains records of all members.  Records are held in the Beacon system, supported by the Third Age Trust.
Speaker organiser Paul Vickery
The Speakers’ Organiser is responsible for arranging the speakers for our coffee mornings. 
Publicity & Promotion Margaret Shaw

A small group of members assist Margaret in publicising events and promoting the Group.
Event or trip organiser Vacancy
‘Social Secretary’? We would like someone to organise events, trips, visits, quizzes or other social activities.  Currently vacant.  Please volunteer if you would like to organise one, two or even more other events over the year, please speak to John, Jan or any committee member.