The important bit!  There are TWO vacancies – newby allotmenteers welcome!

The Allotment Group meets fortnightly on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 10 30 am.  We normally meet at Allotment 28, Marshfield Road, Minehead.  Please remember to check the Calendar in case of any late changes to schedule.

Our group is led by Alexandra Slater, and she may be contacted at 01643 709320, or by email at note that this group has limited membership but as of June 2021 there are TWO vacancies – newby allotmenteers welcome!

Recent activity in 2021…

October:  We are still looking to find new members and on some occasions we have not been able to successfully harvest all our crops.  The raspberries have been small but prolific and some varieties of tomatoes have done very well. As usual the courgettes, rhubarb, beans and beetroot have proved reliably tasty. 

Previously… We have had successful harvests of blackcurrants and beetroot and are now enjoying raspberries, French beans, courgettes and tomatoes. We share the communal area and individually tend a small patch to grow our own special choices, which this year have included asparagus, onions, sweet peas, squash and herbs. We have a sheltered bench – see below- , and even the nasturtium flowers are edible.

We received kind donations of more tomato plants which are growing well.  This is my favourite part of the year on the allotment with harvesting of strawberries, rhubarb and gooseberries, which have all done well.

 This year we have seen the benefits of spending additional time working on the plot and we look forward to the  blackcurrants, beetroot, onions and cabbages which are all looking good, We will meet regularly throughout the summer and hope to welcome additional members.

Spring 2021. The first sign of Spring has been the leaves of the rhubarb plants.

The soil is getting warmer and the allotment is sheltered from the winds, so there is every reason to enjoy the opportunity to get outdoors. We have started planting onion sets, peas, beetroot and cabbages and are deciding which seeds to trial.  We may extend our flower options after the success with the sweet peas last year. We would welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to join us and will now be able to have more than two people working together. The rhubarb is as prolific as ever so we have plenty to share..

 We have not met as a group during the winter but have each had a chance to harvest our carrots, parsnips, sprouts, celeriac, red cabbage and greens plus the delight of the new chinese gooseberries.   

August 2020

Images shows a collection of vegetables from the allotment









July 2020

Gooseberries on the allotment

We are continuing to enjoy the fine weather and good growing conditions for the crops. The red and green gooseberries have been much appreciated, along with blackcurrants and raspberries.  The flowers on the tomato and bean plants promise well for future harvests and the courgettes are doing well, too.  The whole plot is benefitting from the extra time we have spent on it this year.


About the Allotment Group

The Allotment Group has been going for more than twelve years and rents one of the Town Council’s allotments at Marshfield Road in Minehead. We meet there at 10.30 for about two hours on the second and fourth Thursday each month. The group possesses various implements kept on site in a locked shed. Part of the plot is communally cared for and we all share the produce, but each member also has their own patch to follow their own enthusiasms.

This is very much a shared practical activity with hard work and numerous surprises on the way to harvest. However, membership is limited to about five because of the size of the plot. The convenor is Alex Slater.


Older allotment news

October 2019

In addition to a successful harvest of our traditional crops, this year some members have experimented with squash, sweet corn, various herbs and edible flowers. The crops of onions, courgettes and tomatoes are ideal for a healthy Mediterranean diet!

September 2019

We have had a successful summer with good crops maturing after the rain and sunshine. The harvesting is going well, although the courgettes excelled themselves and turned into marrows almost overnight!

July 2019

The growing season is going well with our usual rhubarb, gooseberries and blackcurrants plus onions, beetroots, garlic, courgettes and tomatoes. On our individual plots we are also tending asparagus, sweet peas, sweet corn, edible flowers and herbs.

We have been enjoying some of the fruits of our labours – picking gooseberries, courgettes and sweet peas. This month we hope to harvest onions, beetroots, blackcurrants, carrots and leeks. The fresh air, exercise and fresh food should help us to be healthier!

We are pleased to have new members join us!

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