The important bit!

The Croquet group meet every Friday for two hours from 10 am  at the Carhampton Recreation Centre.  Now the COVID rules have changed, we can play outdoors in groups of six (whilst maintaining social distancing of course). See Latest News below.  

Our group is led by Pat Graham, and she may be contacted at 01643 821638, or by email at  Please note that this group has limited membership. If you are interested in adding your name to a waiting list, click here.

About the Group

If you are looking for a new activity, give a thought to Croquet.  This is a game played by both young and old; it offers physical and mental exercise.

The mallets, hoops and balls are all provided.  There is ample parking at the Recreation Hall in Carhampton, and even a bus stop directly outside.

During the good weather, we play outdoors for as long as possible.  Normally we can only accommodate a maximum of 16, as more than that would prove too difficult, so if you are thinking of joining the group please contact Pat Graham [but please see the note under Latest News below].

The cost is £2 per person per session.  If you might like to join the group or just come along for a taster, please contact the convenor, Pat Graham.

Latest News

June 2021

Good News !!!! The Carhampton Recreation Centre croquet club is up and running again, albeit it having to comply with the Covid regulations and social distancing etc., BUT (there is always a “but”) due to the growing popularity of this sport we have had to close our membership list. 


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