Absolute Beginners – Ukulele


Absolute Beginners Ukulele meets weekly on a Friday at 11.00 am at the Convenor’s home in Watchet.  

Our group is led by Jane Lay and she can be contacted on 07966 755542;  email:  Absolutebeginners@minehead-district-u3a.org.uk.   Please remember to check the Calendar in case of any late changes to schedule.

Jane says “If you have never played the ukulele before, or indeed any other instrument, come and have a go. These starter lessons will help get you playing the ukulele. I keep the group very small so everyone has a chance to learn in a relaxed, fun way.

“After a few weeks you should feel ready to join Ukulele Groups 1 or 2. These are basic starter sessions to get you on the road to playing the ukulele in the way a uke should be played – in a group, for fun! ”

Latest from the Group’s Convenor, 2022

Absolute Beginners Ukulele 

The beginners ukulele group has opened up new possibilities for beginner ukulele players. They have moved on from trying out a few chords to buying their own ukulele to joining groups 1 or 2 and enjoying practising new skills.  If you fancy giving the ukulele a go, then get in touch and we can get you started in a small group. 


October 2021

 The current beginners are making terrific progress. So far we have moved on from two chord songs to more complex songs with quick chord changes. All players are feeling confident enough to join one of the other ukulele groups. We’re starting to learn Christmas songs this month so that we can entertain friends and family round the Christmas tree. If you would like to try the ukulele please get in touch. It’s a fun, easy and sociable instrument to play.

“This group has proved popular and two of our beginners have joined ukulele groups 1 and 2. We have had new starters who have had a go on three different sizes of ukulele, soprano, concert and tenor. We have been learning a range of chords, playing a number of songs. 

“On our WhatsApp group, I have posted videos of how to change between chords to play along with at home. Our small group is fun and all the new ukulele players are picking it up really well. ”