How our U3A works

The Minehead & District U3A is an autonomous self-governing membership organisation, and registered as a Charity. The Group is affiliated to the national body, ‘The Third Age Trust’, (a lot more information is at the national u3a website). The National Office acts as an ‘umbrella’ organisation to the thousands of local U3A groups.

Members pay a modest subscription.  As a membership organisation, the members steer the direction of the Group. The Group only exists as a result of voluntary member engagement.  Our Constitution calls for an elected Committee, drawn from volunteer members. A committee member becomes a ‘Trustee’ of the Charity. Click the link to see a list of the current Committee members. 

Formalities – Policies, and our Annual General Meeting

Click  here to see our Group’s policy documents.

There is an Annual General Meeting each year to vote on the new Committee and accept the audited accounts (see AGM May 2021  for the papers relating to the May 2021 AGM).  

How can I get involved? First – become a member! Second – every  member is urged to consider volunteering. You do not have to be a Committee member to help. The Committee needs a regular refresh of members to remain active and aligned with the overall membership but members can also assist with Coffee Mornings or become, or provide support to, an Interest Group Convenor or help with publicity and organising outings or delivering printed newsletters.  If you could help in any way, please contact any member of the Committee

Interest Groups.

The U3A ‘philosophy’ of mutual support (Click here for an outline of U3A principles) means that the Interest Groups are key activities. An Interest Group is people focusing on a topic or activity with a common shared interest.  The interest groups range far and wide, from socially-oriented groups to undertaking research on the local area- but if there is no interest group already for YOUR topic or activity, why not start one? Increasingly, our communications and activities use ‘new’ technology, especially during the current Coronavirus emergency. 

New technology – need help?

Increasingly, and of course especially during the Coronavirus emergency, ‘new technology’ is important for social communication and information exchange. If you are unsure about using the internet, social media, smart phones or email, we have members who can assist with everything  online.  Click here to meet our IT Champions. If you have some expertise in this area please do join the champions group.  An essential aspect of well-being these days is the awareness that there are disreputable people who would like to steal your money! To see some tips and advice, and share your own experience in a forum, please see our Scams page.


One of the Committee members, Pam Young, takes the lead in welfare matters, such as helping members who have temporary or permanent disabilities to make the most of their membership. We are interested in widening the scope of our activities so that everyone in the local community who wishes to, can engage. All ideas welcome!


West Somerset Radio – 104.4FM

Every second Tuesday of the month tune in to listen to live interviews with U3A members! The U3A slot is normally around 12.20 during Bryan Leaker’s show. If you’d like to talk live on air about your interest group and the kind of things your group members get up to, just contact John Batt.