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By | May 10, 2022
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From Pam Bartkett:


The Craft group will soon be up and running, after having to put it on hold when we went into the first lockdown. I have tried to keep everyone posted over the last two years and we do have several members who are still interested.
For anyone new to the u3a, or who missed the original news item about setting up the group, the plan is actually to have two groups – one in Watchet and one in Minehead – keeping the groups linked so that we can share ideas, skills, resources, and even people. Crafts could include, for instance, cardmaking or other papercrafts, sewing or embroidery, knitting or crochet.
The meetings are intended to be mostly informal crafting get-togethers, with everyone working on something of their own. It is planned to have regular themes to inspire anyone to create something in a craft of their choice. If you haven’t already told me that you might be interested in joining us, please email me at

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