Health and Safety

Convenors are required to conduct a risk assessment of venues (other than homes) at the time the venue is hired, and at the beginning of each annual renewal.  This is to ensure that the venue has adequate provision for allowing members (including those with special needs) to access the group activity in a safe and healthy environment, and to assist in making Convenors aware of the safety facilities at the venue.  If, on conducting the risk assessment you assess the venue to lack adequate provision you should contact a Trustee for advice.  If the venue is unsuitable for U3A activities it will be necessary to find an alternative one.
Convenors need also to be aware of their responsibility to report accidents. 
Please forward a completed form to a member of the Management Committee as soon as possible after the incident.
An Accident Report form is provided in this document as is the Risk Assessment Checklist.  Also included is the U3A Fire Emergency Plan, to be applied where relevant to the venue, and Convenors’ (temporary responsible person’s) duties with regard to fire safety. For background information please see also Duty of Care guidance document.

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