Room booking

A popular venue for groups needing more space than a member’s living room is Townsend House (opposite Irnham Lodge Surgery on Townsend Road in Minehead), which offers several rooms accommodating up to around thirty people.  Room charges apply and vary according to size.  Make your bookings through Jill Merer, Tel: 01643 704782 or

There are other possibilities such as church halls, sports clubs, pubs or residential homes.  The latter are sometimes more than happy to host meetings, particularly if they might be of interest to their residents. 

The Committee can give a small start-up grant to cover the cost of an initial meeting if room hire is involved.  Also, if your group needs specific equipment, it may be possible to obtain financial assistance from the Committee for its purchase, but you need to apply in advance through the Group Co-ordinator.

Minehead & District U3A owns a TV and DVD/video player, a laptop computer and a projector (all kept at Townsend House), as well as other items.  A list is available to all convenors, together with information about their use.  

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