Booking a trip

Minehead & District U3A keeps a debit card on a current account, held by the Business Secretary, Jan Lowy.  Rather than use your own finances, if you would like to make use of this facility in arranging a trip or booking a room, the process is as follows:

  1.  Make the booking in accordance with the requirement of the venue, but request a booking reference number and full payment details, explaining that the Business Secretary will contact their office with the reference number and make the payment.
  2. Provide the Business Secretary with contact details for the booking office, and the booking reference number.
  3. The Business Secretary will make contact, pay the fee, and will provide you with confirmation when the transaction has been completed.
  4. Pass on all the money subsequently collected from members for the trip to our Treasurer (Nic Pettit).

While we recommend this course of action, you do not have to follow it, and the debit card is available, if required.

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