Photo Group – March 2022: Contrasts

Each member has their own gallery below.  You can open a gallery by clicking on (or tapping) an image.  You can then go back < and forward > using the chevrons at each side of the image.  Exit using the big X at the top right above the image – and then you can open another member’s gallery.  If you would like to add a comment, there is a space for this at the bottom of the page.  Copyright in all images is retained by the photographer.

This month the assignment is the subject of ‘Contrasts’ (in the sense of comparison, e.g. large and small, etc. – NOT contrast in the photographic sense).   You may see the contrast within a single shot, or (as in Derek’s images) across a pair of shots.

Derek Webb

Alex Slater

Barbara Robinson

Steve Presnell

Ron Blundell

Basil Helman

Stewart Lane

Bob Cramp

Greta Gardner

Sue Myrick

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