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Luncheon Club is in need of a Convenor!

The Luncheon Club has been visiting a wide range of local pubs, cafes and restaurants for several years, but alas Nora who has successfully convened the group is no longer able to convene the group. If you are the sociable sort who would be willing to make some regular arrangements for the group to meet up , please… Read More »

101 Book reviews now indexed!

There are now 101 reviews of books (85 fiction; 16 non-fiction) on the various book group pages and on the books forum. They are all indexed:  This index page can be found here, and presents separate indexes for fiction and nonfiction.  Your own book reviews are very welcome, as well as agreement or disagreement with other members’ praise… Read More »

Our cliffs are slipping away…

What is happening to our coast? The cliffs at Blue Anchor belong to an area of the coastline which has been designated as a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and extends along the coast to Lilstock.  The most noticeable geology at Blue Anchor is the Blue Anchor Fault, which splits the Jurassic against the Triassic marls of… Read More »

Photography on the Internet by Stewart Lane

During the period when social contacts have been limited due to Covid-19, I have spent more time looking at different aspects of photography on line.  The following are some of the topics and websites that have attracted my interest: it may be that they will interest you or inspire you to find other sites that appeal.  All are… Read More »

Function versus disfunction by Lesley Barclay

The guests stood in small pockets across the expanse of lawn before being corralled by the photographer.  Maggie dutifully took her place next to her now son-in-law, smiling at her daughter.  Like all brides, Julie looked lovely, thought Maggie.  A less biased and perhaps uncharitable eye might have thought Julie unlikely to grace the pages of a magazine:… Read More »

Do you have a news item?

If you have news to share with the membership,  you can now send the information to our website team.  Use this whether you want to add an article for our Newsletter, an item to be posted on a page in this Website, just a passing bit of information, or a change to a group meeting to be recorded… Read More »