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From the Chair – November 2021

2021 has been another turbulent year of change and uncertainty.  And, as I said last month, things will never be quite the same as they were before the pandemic struck.  After spending some time considering our programmes for the rest of our u3a year, your committee has concluded that any plans we make must fit under the heading… Read More »

From the Chair – September 2021

The question we’re still asking in our conversations about planning our u3a activities is how to manage the demands of Covid.  Of course, as members of a social organisation, each of us must decide when and how to attend any u3a gatherings, whether they’re indoors or out. As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, group convenors who are hiring… Read More »

From the Chair – July 2021

As someone whose working life has been spent in education, for me September has always been my New Year – with new courses, new students, new plans and hopes and even new resolutions.  And September 2021 looks as though it really could be the start of a new chapter for us all. We are still unclear about how… Read More »

From the Chair – June 2021

Thanks to everyone who attended our AGM and helped to set our u3a on the path for another year.   The new committee has had informal discussions about the next few months, but at the time of writing we still await the government guidance on how our lives will be after 21 June.  Many of our groups are now… Read More »

From the Chair – May 2021

As I write this column it seems likely that – with some restrictions – we may be able to hold some meetings in late June, and that by September things may be returning to some degree of normality.  We’ll keep convenors fully updated on how changes in regulations affect our u3a groups, so please keep in contact with… Read More »

From the Chair March 2021

What is the future of Minehead & District u3a?  I pose this question as last month I wrote about the Aladdin’s cave of riches found on our new website and on the wider internet. Accessing this untold wealth brings its own problems: the digital divide between people without the skills, means or inclination, and those who are embracing… Read More »

From the Chair – April 2021

Many of you will be familiar with the Theory of Human Needs, as described by Maslow.  On the right is Maslow’s pyramid, showing how we only develop our knowledge when the base is solid.  It is worth considering, given that we all have to decide how to get involved with u3a activities again in the coming months. Thanks… Read More »

From the Chair – Feb 2021

It’s now 12 months since many of us were at the Baptist Church drinking coffee, chatting to each other and listening to a talk about beavers on the National Trust’s Holnicote Estate.  Since then we have learned so much!  New words and phrases have entered our lexicon: Covid; Zoom; social distancing; the ‘new normal’…  Familiar expressions – such… Read More »

From the Chair Jan 2021

Last year ended on a successful note with the creation of our new website, featuring the lively Advent calendar, and a special coffee morning with live music.  As I wrote in December, with the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination programme, it may be possible to return to holding meetings indoors later this year.  Until then, however, our u3a… Read More »