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From the Chair March 2021

What is the future of Minehead & District u3a?  I pose this question as last month I wrote about the Aladdin’s cave of riches found on our new website and on the wider internet. Accessing this untold wealth brings its own problems: the digital divide between people without the skills, means or inclination, and those who are embracing… Read More »

From the Chair – Feb 2021

It’s now 12 months since many of us were at the Baptist Church drinking coffee, chatting to each other and listening to a talk about beavers on the National Trust’s Holnicote Estate.  Since then we have learned so much!  New words and phrases have entered our lexicon: Covid; Zoom; social distancing; the ‘new normal’…  Familiar expressions – such… Read More »

From the Chair Jan 2021

Last year ended on a successful note with the creation of our new website, featuring the lively Advent calendar, and a special coffee morning with live music.  As I wrote in December, with the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination programme, it may be possible to return to holding meetings indoors later this year.  Until then, however, our u3a… Read More »

From the Chair December 2020

In my November column, I told you we were still planning to hold a ‘real’ coffee morning in May 2021, but at the time of writing even May seemed somewhat optimistic.  Since then, however, we’ve heard news of encouraging vaccine developments, so – given a reasonably speedy roll-out of the vaccination programme – a real May coffee morning… Read More »

From the Chair Nov. 2020

Here we are in another lockdown and it is likely that restrictions will be in place well into next year.  I had thought, for a while, that next May would be the time when most of our groups and our coffee mornings would be able to restart: maybe this is now a little optimistic, but for the time… Read More »

From the Chairman Oct 2020

There has been quite a lot of activity from the National Office of the U3A in the last month.  The Third Age Trust, which is the umbrella organisation, held their AGM on-line.  Technology moment at its best  –  I was unable to log on, but Jan fortunately was able to and she cast our 2 votes on the… Read More »

From the Chairman Sept 2020

Over the last few months our ever-changing language has acquired new expressions, such as ‘new normal’, ‘COVID safe’, and ‘social distancing’.  Innocuous little words, yet what an impact on our daily lives!  It is now almost certain that, until 2021, we won’t be able to meet indoors in our interest groups without breaking government guidelines.  However, several groups… Read More »