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By | June 19, 2022
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A u3a member has had their computer hacked and is concerned that quite a lot of people responded to a message  – which presented as  a ‘quick question’ about using Amazon – which was a ‘phishing’ scam. Phishing is an attempt to establish a live email address for use in subsequent scams, (if the recipient did respond, they got another about buying an Amazon giftcard on someone’s behalf’.)

How are you to know that the email was ‘phishing’?  

These scams try to look like ‘the real thing’ but there are tell-tale clues. The lack of any personal greeting is one clue. Would you expect the purported sender to be emailing you on this subject?  If in doubt, and the person is well known to you, give them a ring. Often the best thing to do is simply to delete the suspicious email!  If it is important to the sender,, they will find another way to contact you!

Hilary Fisk
Author: Hilary Fisk

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