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We have been delighted with the response to the new site, and have been heartened by your responses. There were 362 visitors from all around the UK in December, viewing over 8000 page views (there are over 300 pages now on the site).  We used an Advent calendar to launch the site, not only to involve members in the information on the featured pages, but also to introduce the new capabilities now on offer – screen reader, better image handling, video and audio options, and much more. The calendar in fact drew a lot more attention than we had expected. Sixty members have registered on the website so far; 48 comments have been posted; and a number of replies have been added to Forums. These Forums (Art, Birdwatching, Books, Coffee Mornings, and Scams) are there to allow you (once registered – only u3a members are allowed!) to make your voice heard − so please contribute!
And please keep the comments coming! These have enabled us to respond and address errors and shortcomings – but there may be other items that you would like to see covered in the website – let us know! You can contact us at
Web team: Martin Fisk, Mark Rest, Kay Bullen, Robert Young, Pam Young and Hilary Fisk

Some of this website is specifically for the use of currently enrolled Minehead & District U3A Members.  If you are already a member of our U3A, please take a moment to register on this website you are then able to contribute to the forums and post comments [Information here].  If you are already registered, you can login here… and if you are not a member, why not join? click Join us. All pages can be read using Screen Reader technology.  Please see the Screen Reader page for more information.

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We have tried to make this website as simple and straightforward as possible.  If you do not find it so, please let IT Champions know. 

IT Champions

You can email your questions or comments to IT Champions with any query, no matter what, to do with computers, smartphones, software, or applications.