Photo Group May 2021 – Spring flowers

Each member has their own gallery below.  You can open a gallery by clicking on (or tapping) an image – this will also give details of camera and exposure settings.  You can then go back < and forward > using the chevrons at each side of the image.  Exit using the big X at the top right above the image – and then you can open another member’s gallery.  If you would like to add a comment, there is a space for this at the bottom of the page. 

Derek Webb.  All of my images are finished with a border generated in Photoshop using the ‘Stroke’ feature.

Barbara Robinson:

John Batt.  Here are my flowers, all taken in Cornwall 2 weeks ago:

Stewart Lane:

Dave Simpson Scott.  All very local and taken from one of my favourite places – The Mineral Line:

Peter Leather.  All taken on my bridge camera – Lumix FZ-380.  Most of my pictures are taken on Aperture priority. In this case f. 7.0 at around 1/160 – 1/200

Cherrie Temple:

Mike Lay.  Having barely touched my camera in the past year, I find I need a refresher on how to use it.  Therefore I shot all pictures on auto.  All pictures are from my garden using my Nikon D3300:

Martin Fisk.  We came to Minehead, and our house particularly, because of its location and climate and the possibilities to grow the kind of plants we like!  So all of these are from our garden.  All have been shot with a Nikon P900 and post-processed in Paint Shop Pro and Lightroom.

Ann Lang:

Alex Slater. I have been experimenting with my Samsung Mobile Phone camera SM A107F.  The settings are semi-automatic and it seems to adjust mainly on speed.

Basil Helman. The demise of the tulips – shot with a smartphone.

3 thoughts on “Photo Group May 2021 – Spring flowers

  1. Hilary FiskHilary Fisk

    What a beautiful selection! Isn’t Spring wonderful. Derek – I am intrigued by your comment on borders, because I cannot see any difference in how your photos are edged. Please explain further?

    1. Derek Webb

      That’s strange as I can see them, although I have to say they are quite discreet in this instance. If you look carefully at the bluebell image you should be able to see a purply/blue border. Admittedly it does show up better on the original image. I’ll make them more obvious in future. Borders have become a bit of a trademark of mine.

  2. Mark RestMark Rest

    Wonderful photos.

    Like viewing them on the website.

    Note as one of the website builders, with Martin spearheading it, I take some of the glory/blame.

    Happy snapping


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