Subscription 2021/2022

The Committee has reduced the subscription rate to £10 for an individual member for the next subscription year, 2021/2022. This includes a newsletter sent by email.  If you prefer a print newsletter rather than email, the cost is an additional £8 for the year. 

The subscription is monitored and reviewed at our Annual General Meeting in May each year to ensure that we can fulfil our commitments based on stable long-term financial management.

How do I renew?

You can pay by cheque (made out to Minehead & District U3A) or by bank transfer. Contact the Treasurer for more information.

Your subscription pays for:

  • the monthly coffee morning – speaker, venue, and, where applicable, refreshments – to which all members are invited
  • resources, such as the U3A laptop computer, large screen TV, etc. for use by interest groups
  • a fee paid per member to the costs of ‘The Third Age Trust’ organization which represents third-agers nationally
  • publicity for the activities of the U3A
  • production of the Minehead & District U3A Newsletter which contains regular updates on our interest groups and activities. (The additional subscription fee for a printed newsletter copy does not cover ALL the costs of production and distribution)
  • technological connectivity, including necessary outgoings to support Zoom videoconferencing, our independent website, and other factors as required.