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New to the U3A?  What is it?

Joining the U3A leads to ‘a mixture of learning and leisure in the company of like-minded people’!   The U3A is a national (and international) movement, with over 1100 local U3As operating autonomously in the UK.  The core idea of the U3A to to bring together people in their third age to develop their interests and continue their learning in a friendly and informal environment.  Click here for information about the U3A Principles.  You may be wondering what we mean by ‘third age’!   It’s when you have have time in your life to pursue your own interests – you may have finished working full-time and/or raising your family, or be in a period of having time to yourself. 

Group of u3a members

“Do I have to be a certain age?”  No, this is about your stage in life, not about having attained a certain chronological age.  Working part-time but would like to get involved? No problem, that is OK too.

At the heart of each U3A group are Interest Groups – people focusing on a topic or activity with a common shared interest. The interest groups range far and wide – but if there is no interest group already for YOUR topic or activity, why not start one?  Click for information about our Interest Groups.

There is lots more information about the U3A movement available from the U3A National Office. If you would like to meet us before joining,  please come along to a coffee morning (these are being held via Zoom at present), or ask to join in with an Interest Group. Contact the Membership Secretary. 

How to become a member

This requires two steps. Step 1 is completing a simple membership form, and Step 2 is paying your subscription (click here to see subscription information). 

  1. You can join online here.  Complete the form and click ‘Submit’.  If you pay by bank transfer please do this BEFORE completing the online form  
  2. Download and print the form  U3A Membership Application Form 2021 2022 

N.B. Please be aware that some interest groups do incur small extra charges, e.g. a share towards room-hire or outings.  If you are a UK Taxpayer – please consider Gift Aiding your subscription. There is a tickbox on the forms.

How to pay

You can pay either

  • by bank transfer (Account 24579768  Sort Code 30-95-66) It is a TSB account.

    IMPORTANT: If your bank says the account is “unverified”, double check the sort code and account number and (if correct) proceed. This message may appear because TSB is not one of the big five banks.

  • by cheque, made out to Minehead and District U3A.

Where to send the completed form and/or cheque payment

The address to send the completed joining form  and cheque (where applicable) is:-

U3A Membership, 

‘Banksia’, Whitecross Lane,

Minehead, TA24 8DG.

If you have any questions, send Hilary an email at

Membership brings benefits…

Once a member, you can join as many interest groups as you like and attend all monthly Coffee Mornings free of charge. 

Your subscription includes a regular (10 times per year) newsletter.  This is sent as an email attachment unless you wish to subscribe to a printed copy (at an additional cost of £7). 

All members are also sent Third Age Matters (TAM), the national U3A magazine 4 times a year.

…and Responsibilities

Members must:-

  • abide by the principles of the U3A movement
  • never do anything to bring the U3A into disrepute
  • abide by the terms and conditions of the Constitution
  • treat fellow members at all times with courtesy and respect
  • comply with and support the decisions of the elected committee
  • advise the Group of changes which affect your membership record (see our Privacy Policy)




Minehead & District covers Williton, Watchet, Porlock, Stogumber, and other villages in West Somerset as well as the town of Minehead