Insurance cover

Insurance Cover
Minehead and District u3a, which is a fully paid-up member of the Third Age Trust, has the benefit of the nationally provided Public & Products Liability Insurance cover.
• Non-members are covered as visitors, for taster events and introductory sessions. For trips or visits, full membership is required.
• Carers are covered by the Insurance Policy.
• Children are not allowed to take part in Minehead and District u3a activities, nor to attend meetings. They require extra legal protection, which is not covered by u3a Public Liability Insurance.
• Paid tutors and speakers should be advised that they are covered as visitors, but that any further liability lies with their own insurance.
• u3a property in members’ homes is covered, so long as reasonable care is taken to avoid loss or damage.



Adoption and policy review dates
Date of adoption: July 2021
Next policy review date: July 2022



E-mail re Insurance on visitors

From: U3A National Office []
Sent: Wednesday, 6 September, 2017 4:03 PM
To: [Redacted]
Subject: RE: U3A Minehead Branch


Thank you for your email.

If a U3A member needs to bring a carer/companion when attending U3A activities/events, this is permissible under our insurance cover, providing the carer/companion does not attend any U3A activities as an individual and committee approval has been given.


It is also permissible for a non-member e.g. spouse or friend of a member, to attend an interest group, general meeting or outing on an occasional basis with committee approval, and this includes outings on a coach. It is not, however, acceptable for the same non-member to regularly attend U3A events. The insurance cover provided for you is for U3A members and therefore, should a non member be allowed to attend U3A activities on a regular basis and be involved in an incident, the U3A might find itself without liability cover.


Regards from,


Linda Hodson

The Third Age Trust