ZOOM recording : A landscape transformed, by Dr Leonard Baker

By | November 17, 2021
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A landscape transformed: the reclamation of Exmoor forest during the 19th century, a talk by Dr Leonard Baker of the University of Exeter.

A Zoom recording of the talk given to the Local History Group is now available (to logged-in website members).

We are very pleased and grateful that not only did Dr Baker give us his valuable time for a presentation to the Local History Group at the beginning of November, but that he has enabled us to put a recording of his talk on our website! Leonard is one of a pair of researchers investigating aspects of the history of Exmoor, where massive physical and economic projects were undertaken by John Knight and his son Frederic Knight during the 19th century. The Knights were wealthy and ambitious – although as it proved, not perhaps wealthy enough to achieve what they set out to do. In the process not only were their lives transformed, but the traces of the major impact on the landscape and on the lives of the people on Exmoor – for good and ill – is to be seen, if you know where to look, to this day. Click below to view this presentation – you have to be logged in as a website member to view it. 

A landscape transformed / by Leonard Baker

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