Photo Group October 2020 – Sunrises and Sunsets

A ‘tooltip’ can be shown by positioning your mouse over the image, but full details are only visible on clicking the image to expand it, which then allows browse forward or backward (within each personal gallery). 

Mark Rest

Derek Webb

Barbara Robinson

Peter Leather.  All from my location in Porlock

Martin Fisk

Cherrie Temple.  All images were taken this spring/summer at Blue Anchor

Haydn Sperring.  It doesn’t look like the second bit of sun this month is going to perform so here are my golden oldies:

Bob Cramp.  Watchet sunsets

Basil Helman.  My sun pictures

John Batt.  Sunset and…

Alex Slater.  I am not a morning person but have sunrise pictures at Swanage and Minehead.  The sunset ones are in Minehead.

Stewart Lane. Somewhat after sundown, herewith three ‘Sunset’ images.  Two are from last month, taken from my garden, and show how colour changes within minutes – seven in this case.  And that with very little tweaking in Photoshop!  The other is really the light of sunset nicely illuminating an otherwise rather ordinary scene (in my view!)