Jaunts and Jollies

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The important bit!

Jaunts and Jollies will meet – when we have sufficient members and COVID restrictions allow. 

Please remember to check the Calendar in case of any late changes to schedule.

Our group is led by Doug Human, and he may be contacted at 07796 506509, or by email at jaunts@minehead-district-u3a.org.uk

About the group

1955 Sunbeam Talbot


Hello, I’m Doug Human, and I love old cars.  I drive a 1955 Sunbeam Talbot, but not every day.  She spends a lot of time being polished, tinkered with, and when the opportunity arises goes on the odd rally with the Star Car Club [Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Register] and Minehead Motor Club [website currently down 10 Feb 21] too.  But I would love to share this pastime with other like minded u3a members.  You won’t have to own a car as hopefully, if we have a few members, then we can organise car sharing trips out as soon as restrictions allow.   Classic cars and motorbikes would all be welcome.  Day trips, with lunch out, or maybe afternoon tea, talking about cars and I’m sure that some of you have knowledge that you could share for you possibly had a car from this era and know its little quirks.  If you have a yearning to step back in time then please contact me on 07796 506509.





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