Minehead Library – is open!

By | January 10, 2022
Hear this page!

Long-standing u3a member Lesley Barclay wants to share with you

“I’ve just been into Minehead Library and they tell me that since the relocation to the Seahorse Centre they haven’t been seeing that many people. Would it be possible to remind our u3a members via the newsletter, website and Facebook page that they’re open for business as usual and would be really pleased to see people. These premises are a vast improvement on their limited space at the back of the old hospital.”

Seahorse Centre

[Ed. comment – I had no idea of this – and not all the web info about the Library points to this location, so please do share with others that this is the case!]

Hilary Fisk
Author: Hilary Fisk

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One thought on “Minehead Library – is open!

  1. Hilary FiskHilary Fisk Post author

    I fear that public services – like the Post Office and the Library – are not good at telling people about temporary re-locations – when I googled Minehead Library after reading Lesley’s plea all I got was the Bancks Street location. Last month, I walked a long way around Taunton looking for their re-located Post Office, and eventually found it. Last week in Taunton I noticed it had moved to yet another location – inside W.H. Smiths in East Street. I have no idea if this is temporary or permanent, I just know it’s a nuisance that it appears to be a wanderer!!


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