Subscription rate from 1st February 2022

The Committee has decided the subscription rate to £12 for an individual member for the next subscription year, 2022/2023. The subscription year runs from 1st May each year for 12 months. The base rate includes the online newsletter.  If you prefer a printed newsletter rather than email, the cost is an additional £8 for the year. 

The subscription is monitored and reviewed each year. The Committee decided the new rate in December 2021.

If you are already a member of another local u3a Group, but would like to join in with an Interest Group or other activity, there is a reduced rate of £6.00 for ‘Associate Membership’. Contact the Membership Secretary for details. 

How do I renew?

Please remember to renew your subscription for our next membership year by the end of May 2022 at the latest. The 2022/2023 subscription is £12 for an individual with online newsletter (or £20 if you want a printed newsletter). For two people at the same address the rate is £24 with online  newsletter (or £32 to include one printed newsletter).

To renew: there are no renewal forms to complete, but you do have to pay!! Pease let membership secretary know of any changes in personal contact details by phone (see committee list) or at 

You have a choice of ways to pay. Either send a cheque (made out to Minehead & District u3a) to Nic Pettit, Treasurer, 81 Parkhouse Road, Minehead TA24 8AE or – preferably– pay online to our TSB account, sort code 30-95-66, account number 24579768, using your membership name(s)  as the reference. 


Your subscription pays for:

  • the monthly Speakers morning – speaker, venue, and, where applicable, refreshments – to which all members are invited
  • resources, such as the U3A laptop, large screen TV, etc. for use by interest groups
  • a fee paid per member to the costs of ‘The Third Age Trust’ organization which represents third-agers nationally
  • publicity for the activities of the U3A
  • production of the Minehead & District U3A Newsletter which contains regular updates on our interest groups and activities. (N.B. The additional subscription fee for a printed newsletter copy does not cover ALL the costs of production and distribution)
  • technological connectivity, including necessary outgoings to support Zoom videoconferencing, our independent website, and other factors as required.