Making a difference, by Eileen Ann Moore [Youtube]

Based on a legend from Cornwall, and a card I bought in an Art Shop in St Ives, which showed a young man saving starfish, and  ‘Making a Difference’.  I think it is relevant to our present situation as small deeds or actions can make a difference at present.

Here is the chord sequence, if you would like to play it yourself:

6/8 Capo 2nd

    D                 A7                   D               A7

A writer who liked to think under the skies

 G                 A7                  D                  A7                                    

Old and respected and believed to be wise

             D                      A7               D                 A7         

Would sit and would dream as he looked out to sea

G                A7        D           A7         A7         D

Seeking to find a new story ….  A new story

G                A7        D     A7 D

Seeking to find a new story

And here is a video of Eileen Ann Moore performing the song: