Catherine Knight’s Amble 2020 – Part 2

During week 3, escapee bluebells have opened their flowers. They have been joined by Cherrie’s ‘blue flowers’ – properly known as alkanet – and the first ground ivy flowers I’ve seen this year.  The white violets have disappeared and been replaced by a carpet of bright yellow celandines; the blackthorn blossom has become ‘confetti’ on the path; while the wild cherry blossom has multiplied to compensate.

The alexanders have put on a ‘growing spurt’ increasing in height from knee to shoulder high in 2 weeks.

The horse chestnut leaves are increasing in number and size and the first ‘candle’ flowers have opened while the oak trees have started flowering and other trees are showing signs of green.

In a sunny spot by the Church, the ivy-leaved toadflax adorns the wall with its pretty mauve flowers while hidden in the shade of the trees, the Hart’s Tongue ferns are uncurling their bright green fronds.

Some days, the wrens are particularly vocal although not always visible.  By contrast, the crows are much quieter now that they are sitting on their nests.

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