Nature Amblers sightings September 2021

Wed. 22nd Sept. 10.00-12.00  
6 of us, 7 apologies  
Flowers Plants
Wild clematis Duckweed
Stinging nettle Poa annua grass
Spurge, small Watercress
Blackberry, flower & berries Ivy berries
Valerian Mind your own business
Dandelion Hart’s tongue fern
Honeysuckle Fern, other
Burdock Elderberries
Ivy flowers, masses of bees Holly berries
Hedge mustard Sycamore seeds
Yarrow Hazel Holly
Horehound Rose gall pincushion
Sow thistle Thistle seeds
Herb robert Rose hips
Pellitory of the wall Hops
Groundsel Plantain
Speedwell Dock
Convolvulus Sloes
Fumitary Old mans beard
Lesser calamint Blackberries
Ivy-leaved toadflax  
Giant butterburr Animals
Dog rose Pidgeon
Toadfax Robin
Teasles Bees, various
Periwinkle Magpie
Buttercup Jackdaw
White clover Spider & web
Mugwort Rabbit
Comfrey Flies
Knot grass Slow worm (photo, just seen by visitor)
Daisy Crows