IT Champions

We have set up a new group for Minehead & District U3A. We have perhaps cheekily called the group IT Champions, but seriously we want to present all members with some ‘experts’ to help you with your technology queries.  You can contact us by email at There are five of us at present, and we have primary responsibilities as listed here:

  Champion for Platforms/devices
Mark Rest Zoom| WordPress website Mac | Windows | iPad/iPhone
Mike Lay WhatsApp Windows | Android
Martin Fisk TeamUp | WordPress website Mac | Windows | iPad/iPhone
Margaret Shaw Facebook Mac | iPad/iPhone
Hilary Fisk Website Windows | iPad/iPhone

As ever, we are volunteers, prepared to help as much as we can.  Can you also help? If so, you will be most welcome.

The following notes will give you some idea of our competencies (and lack of them!):

Mark:  I have 35 years IT experience as: BASIC programmer |6502 Assembler programmer | Real-time transaction based programmer: Stratus/C;  UNIX/C with Oracle and Sybase databases and TCL  (and Implementer) | Windows Client Application Implementer – and on a more human note: in Support roles.  I use cloud computing for all personal data! (Apple and Google Clouds) as well as Microsoft Office, iTunes, Google and Apple photo apps.

Mike:  My first career was as a science teacher, specialising in subjects young people hate – chemistry, physics and computer science. I also taught what was then called adult evening classes, covering RSA courses in word processing, spreadsheets, databases and desktop publishing. I then left teaching for a career in IT, working my way through PC support, back office systems, local and wide area networks, ending up in IT strategy management. I find computers more fun than trying to control a class of 30 15-year-olds.

Martin:  A systems analyst and designer, I spent over 35 years involved with IT, from PC support for BBC Micros and Apple IIs, through VAX clusters, to designing large scale computer management systems.  I have gained deep familiarity with Windows and Microsoft Office products, plus large-scale database operation, web design, local wiki construction and much more besides, including digital photography and streaming systems for music and TV.

Margaret:  I’ve used IT since the late 80s, both PC and Mac, and while I don’t regard myself as an expert, I’m not afraid to try new stuff, so guess you could say I’m a confident user.  These days I work on MacBook most of the time, but also use PC for some work.  I’m better at text and information handling than at graphics and photography.

Hilary:  Over 30 years of working in university libraries, I have tried to constantly adapt to new bits and pieces in library and information technology and have often had to help new students and colleagues get confident – everything from Dewey Decimal to BBC micros to tablets and iPhones. These are just the latest in pen and paper, really!