Code of Conduct

Minehead and District u3a strives to achieve a membership that reflects the composition of the community it serves. This u3a is committed to treating all its members fairly and to avoiding discrimination in all its activities and in all its contact and communication with external organisations and the general public.

If you, as a member of Minehead and District u3a, feel that you have been discriminated against by this u3a or harassed/victimised at any of its events, please follow the complaints/grievance procedure below.


Complaints/Grievance Procedure

If a member of Minehead and District u3a feels they have been discriminated against, directly or indirectly, by Minehead and District u3a or either harassed or victimised at a Minehead and District u3a event, they should raise the issue with a member of the Committee.

  • The Committee will establish the facts quickly and accurately, consulting as many people as possible.
  • The Committee will seek to hold an informal discussion with all concerned to summarise the problem, hear everybody’s views, and clear the air.
  • If it is felt that there is a case to answer, but it is a minor issue, it will be made clear that no repetition of the action/behaviour will be tolerated.
  • If it is felt that the case requires a more formal approach, the Committee will follow National u3a guidance.
  • If the complaint is against a member of the Committee, that person will not take part in the complaints procedure.



Adoption and policy review dates

Date of adoption: July 2021

Next policy review date: July 2022