April Coffee Morning – Let’s go Bats!

By | March 2, 2021
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They are two-legged mammals which have and suckle one or two babies at a time and live in large groups That sounds a lot like us, but bats are different not only from humans but from all other mammals. They fly brilliantly in a world of darkness navigating by means of echoed sound. We are still finding out how amazing they are.

Horseshoe bat

Edward Wells will give an introduction to these extraordinary creatures, their physical adaptations and behaviour concentrating on the species we have in this country. Somerset is one of the best counties in Britain for bats and the Minehead area is outstanding.



Edward is a life-long naturalist, Vice-Chairman of the Somerset Bat Group, and sometime Council Member of the Bat Conservation Trust. He served for over 30 years as a trustee of the Somerset Wildlife Trust and of which he was Chairman for four years.

His talk will form the basis for the April 17th Coffee Morning over Zoom – look out for the link! It will be sent to all members by email the Monday before the meeting. 

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